Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dr. Meldrum leary of Russian Yeti evidence.

During the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Conference held on October 23rd in Youngwood, PA, Dr. Jeff Meldrum gave a presentation entitled "The Russian Connection" in which he described his trip to the Kemerovo region of Siberia.

You can read the article here. LINK

Points taken from the article:

1. The Russian Yeti conference was more or less a joke with what appeared to have been a staged event resulting in a publicity stunt.

2. Dr. Jeff Meldrum is a no-nonsense individual and doesn't fall for weak or fabricated evidence.

3. In the last two paragraphs the author makes some interesting points that I would like to touch on. In the author's opinion it is written that they believe Dr. Meldrum's underlying message to his audience was that of disgust, quoting the author, "disgust over “amateurs” with no training in biology, natural history and evidence collection who were seen as experts represented the “scientific” side." I believe that in context Dr. Meldrum was referring to the people associated with the Russian Yeti conference but there is something in that quote that we as non-scientists should make note of.

Those of us who search for evidence of Sasquatch like to call ourselves researchers. In most cases I think the label "researcher" is appropriate. The fact is most researchers do not have scientific credentials. The presumption by the author is that we as amateur enthusiasts should perhaps let the professionals handle the subject of Sasquatch. I obviously disagree with this sentiment.

The fact that we are not scientists does not and should not preclude us from the search for evidence. However, the point can be made that we as researchers should conduct ourselves to the highest standards possible when searching for, examining and presenting possible evidence that may be attributed to Sasquatch.

Yes, most researchers have a limited amount of time, money and resources. The normal run-of-the-mill researcher may be frowned upon by the scientific community because of this fact. This obstacle in my mind can be overcome with a willingness to strive and perform the necessary steps for proper evidence documentation.

Simple things like being careful not to contaminate possible evidence and documenting the scene of your investigation area can be achieved with simple tools that the non-scientist researcher can easily access. Most important is to be objective when analyzing evidence and being responsible when presenting it.

Those last few items along with some understanding of what a scientist would deem as acceptable protocol, can go a long way in substantiating your finds and may in fact grab the attention of someone with the proper credentials, who in turn may be willing to examine your research further.

TC @ Squatch Inc.

( TC's note: I was not in attendance at the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Conference. My comments are based solely on the article linked above.)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tim Fasano (fasanotampa) Jumps The Shark

Tim Fasano, a Florida Bigfoot Researcher, finally gets caught in his own net of lies and deception. His first hoax attempt, about 2 years ago, was a photo-shopped Bonobo which he tried to pass off as a SkunkApe. Since that time he has allegedly fabricated many tracks and other evidence.

His main objective (along with some of his pals) has been to hoodwink the public into believing he (they) were performing serious Bigfoot Research. While doing this they also set out on a mission to destroy the credibility of any researcher or group that threatened their Youtube subscriber numbers or video view hits. Fasano has been a huge black-eye on the Bigfoot Research Community. We hope he stands by his statement and removes himself from the community.

Links to stories exposing Fasano's latest "Jump The Shark" moment.




I'm sure there will be more to come. It's hard to keep track of all this man's lies, but we will set the record straight during the next few weeks on a few things we have first hand knowledge of.

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Monday, June 20, 2011


A nice little write-up about Squatch Inc. from across the pond.


Friday, March 25, 2011

"Bigfoot" Video - Not even close

There is not much to say about such a complete joke of a "Bigfoot" video, other than the media outlets that run such a story, while at the same time suggesting the footage is credible, are either very dumb, or kind of dumb.

In any case, this type of viral coverage over such a "clear" and deliberate hoax is a slap in the face to anyone who has had an authentic sighting of what they describe as Bigfoot.

Link to "Bigfoot" video

Judd Nielson

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bobcat Takes Down Buck in Wisconsin

Trail Cam images of a single bobcat taking down a buck deer.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Additions to the Squatch Inc. Blog

Squatch Inc. is proud to announce we have added two new staff writers that will be contributing to the blog.

Mandy Simoniz and Judd Nielson have accepted our invitation and we are hoping that in short time, they along with the SI regulars will be bringing you content like only Squatch Inc. can.

These two authors can cover it all, from satire to investigative reporting, from fiction to critical thinking pieces, they can cover the spectrum.

Stay tuned as you should start seeing some blogs within the next couple weeks.

Be good, God Bless.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

BlackBerry Bigfootin'

The search for Bigfoot and the evidence that either substantiates its existence, or debunks the claims many have associated with this undocumented creature, has led us down many paths. One of those paths has been the use of modern day technology. There are a multitude of gadgets and gizmos Bigfoot Researchers have at their disposal in this day and age. Trail-cams, Night Vision, Thermal Imagers along with an array of surveillance equipment that can be utilized in this search. These items and pieces of equipment may very well bring us the answers we are looking for someday. In today's blog we want to touch on some other aspects of technology that are of equal or greater importance in finding answers to this mystery.

Computers, the Internet and all the devices that allow us to communicate with the general public are essential and even critical tools that put us as researchers in a position to acquire first hand reports from individuals who may have had an encounter with a Bigfoot. Websites, blogs, Twitter accounts, Youtube and social networking sites like Facebook, are also tools a researcher can use to inform the general public about their research and what it is they/we are trying to accomplish. Being able to have a link or avenue to share information between the researcher and the people who are having encounters is a critical aspect of this research.

While the research itself is anything but glamorous, we have found that many are truly fascinated with the idea that this creature we search for may exist. Due to our presence on the aforementioned Internet venues, we have established many relationships with people who have offered their support in many ways. We are grateful for those relationships. Some have shared their personal encounters, some have offered resources and others are just simply curious and interested in what we are doing.

In an attempt to grow those relationships, we have created a web page on our Minnesota site that we will use to give live updates from the field via Twitter and a photo sharing up link site. This page was originally created for close friends and family in order to keep them up to date while we were out in the field. We have decided to make this page public so that anyone interested might be able to get that in the field perspective. Some of our team members are fortunate enough to own smart phones. This gives us the capability to update the web page in real time during an outing. It's another great example of technology bringing researchers and the public together in this shared interest.

Updates From The Field is the web page. We hope you enjoy.

Squatch Inc.