Monday, February 1, 2010

An Article Bigfoot Researchers Should Read.

Here is a link to the article "Bigfoot Festival Serious?" Article by The Blogger "Doubtful"

I personally agree with many of the comments made by the author. While there is some evidence that suggests a large bi-pedal creature inhabits North America, researchers far too often rely on anecdotal evidence as gospel and fail to test theories or even form a plausible hypothesis based in logic. Like the author states, people tend to not think critically about the subject, this includes many researchers. Do we need to try unconventional methods and strategies that may look foolish or unproductive? I think the answer is yes, but we also have to be willing to document those attempts and produce data that can show when progress is being made, and when it's not.

All in all I think the author's viewpoint expressed in the article more than likely represents the overall perception the general public has with regards to Bigfoot and Bigfoot Research. We as researchers should be addressing this perception in our own works and studies. It can be done by thinking critically and injecting logic and common sense into the research.

TC @ Squatch Inc.