Monday, February 1, 2010

An Article Bigfoot Researchers Should Read.

Here is a link to the article "Bigfoot Festival Serious?" Article by The Blogger "Doubtful"

I personally agree with many of the comments made by the author. While there is some evidence that suggests a large bi-pedal creature inhabits North America, researchers far too often rely on anecdotal evidence as gospel and fail to test theories or even form a plausible hypothesis based in logic. Like the author states, people tend to not think critically about the subject, this includes many researchers. Do we need to try unconventional methods and strategies that may look foolish or unproductive? I think the answer is yes, but we also have to be willing to document those attempts and produce data that can show when progress is being made, and when it's not.

All in all I think the author's viewpoint expressed in the article more than likely represents the overall perception the general public has with regards to Bigfoot and Bigfoot Research. We as researchers should be addressing this perception in our own works and studies. It can be done by thinking critically and injecting logic and common sense into the research.

TC @ Squatch Inc.


  1. Thanks for the link! Check the updated post for Loren Coleman's replies.

    Did you read this post?

    Loren and I really disagreed and I'm not sure why. He addressed only a tiny portion of what I wrote. I'm curious to see your response to that article. I thought it was fair and wanted Bigfoot advocates to *tell me* if it wasn't. Instead, Loren and some Cryptomundo commentators attacked me personally. I thought that was low and hoped for better discourse.

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    I've put your link on my site. If you hate it, I'll take it off. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

  3. To: I Doubt It

    It's unfortunate that there are personal attacks when attempting to discuss certain issues revolving around Bigfoot. I thought you brought up some good points in your commentary, being that many people involved in the search for Bigfoot simply refuse to address simple standards when it comes to documenting evidence.
    I don't know Mr. Coleman other than I know he runs a website dealing with cryptids. He is obviously an advocate for BF research and that's great, but beyond that I don't think he or anyone else in the Bigfoot "community" should be taking any skeptic to task until we start putting solid data on the table or at the very least start weeding out individuals who make the research look like a complete joke.
    Like I said in my first post, there is some evidence to suggest the creature exists and Dr. Meldrum's work on track casts and the thousands of witness reports make a strong case, but it's not enough. Suggesting something is real doesn't make it real, and it's why I remain somewhat skeptical to this point. However, I do think the things I just mentioned are enough reason to cast some doubt on the theory that they absolutely do not exist and it's why I spend a good deal of freetime looking for more answers.
    I digress, I think your viewpoint I Doubt It, seems to be fair and you do a very good job of explaining your reasons for how you examine this topic. The reason I linked to your article is because of the fact that you didn't go off on a complete, "BF Researchers are NUTS" rant and you stated some of the logical reasons why we as researchers need to step up the game in terms of evidence documentation. I would hope others like Mr. Coleman would agree with that and not take responsible criticism so personally.
    TC @ Squatch Inc.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to explain things, TC.

    I have previously mentioned that it would be very interesting, instructive and progressive if there were a forum where cryptozoological issues were posted and ALL viewpoints were allowed to be voiced.

    Any field that deliberately closes off criticism and excludes those that dispute points made is not science, it is a sham. I'm sad to see that happen.

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