Sunday, January 4, 2009

Squatch Inc. Carlton County MN 2008 Bigfoot Expedition Video

A brief insight detailing field operations.
Primary objective during this expedition was to capture video images via nighttime surveillance equipment. The target area was choosen based upon recent sightings in the area along with a possible early morning encounter which took place in August during a scouting mission and reported by team members Tim and Brian. The possible encounter entailed audio recordings of something that we believe to be bi-pedal in nature entering the campsite on at least two occasions. This audio can be heard at under the Expedition tab in the Carlton County 1 section. The campsite where the incident took place is roughly a mile and a half ride by atv. Being very remote our challenge was to power and utilize our surveillance gear. We accomplished this by bringing with 4 marine batteries. Another challenge was the red glow emitted by our IR cam after dark. This glow can be seen by the naked eye and we felt would deter any BF from coming in close. To remedy this problem we wired the cam and 940 floodlight to a switch inside the tent that we would manually trip. When retiring to the tent for the night we would monitor the campsite with ultra sensitive microphones. Upon hearing anything out of the ordinary we would fire up the cam and 940 simultaneously. This required atleast two team members to lay awake with headphones on until daybreak. During the 3 night expedition we performed this tactic for the first two nights and had initiated 3 "cam on" instances. After reviewing the footage it was determined that no BF or other species of animal was caught on the camera. The last night of the expedition we let the cam run and record all night so we could sleep in preperation for our departure. After reviewing the 12 hours of footage we also came to the conclusion that no objects of significance were captured. Weather conditions were not suitable for monitoring the site with the microphones. It rained 75% of the time and was windy during the nights. We had covered the tent with a large dark tarp in order to block out any light generated by our equipment inside. We wanted to give the appearance we were fast asleep as to make for a safe environment for any visitors. The rain hitting the tarp was easily picked up by the microphones and was rather annoying but we did not vear from the game plan. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that by utilizing our equipment in this fashion we had power to spare after 4 days of usage.

This area shows great promise and we are in contact with residents nearby who are keeping us up to date with new information. We will be returning in the near future.

Any questions concerning the expedition can be asked at our forum. in the appropriate thread.
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Squatch Inc.