Sunday, December 13, 2009

More On The Remer Lake Trail Cam Photo

Tim "The Wildman", co-founder of The Sasquatch Research and Investigative Organization Squatch Inc., discusses the Remer Lake trail cam image during an interview with the hosts at AM 1500 KSTP St. Paul, Minnesota on December 11th.

You can listen to the interview in it's entirety HERE

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  1. Tim, For you to post such comments like we don't have a clue as to what we are doing, or even seen the evidence we have. Your ignorance in Bigfoot research is evident by your narrow mindedness. You compare the Bigfoot to the Patterson film. The Bigfoot in California live in a warmer climate and have shorter hair, therefore you can see muscle definition. Minnesota Bigfoot have longer hair and therefore you see less muscle definition. You should not be judging other BF researchers, We all have the same goals and its to prove they existence by evidence. I'm sure you will delete this, but that's have to live with yourself. Good luck in your research if that is what you do.
    Don Sherman Northern Minnesota Bigfoot research Team (NMBFRT)